Dear Visitor,

We regret to inform you that as of this date, 23FIFTN has ceased operations.

When we started this company in January of 2015, we could not have anticipated all the growth and opportunities that would ensue. What started as three college friends with a passion for creating visuals grew into an award-winning, creative agency working alongside some of the world’s most reputable brands and artists.

Along the way we found our own goals and directions for our future endeavors.

Daniel and Karam will continue to partner and grow their new agency, MGX Creative. 


Reed will continue to build and grow his own agency, AVONNI Global. 


We deeply appreciate the loyalty of our supporters, collaborators, and clients. As we pursue our individual journeys we wish you continued success on your own. 


Reed, Karam, Daniel

Jan 2015 - Oct 2017

Jan 2015 - Oct 2017


Founders: Daniel Malikyar, Karam Gill, Reed Matthews

Team Members: Steven Taylor, Daniel Kelly, Clay Dirkse, Jake Herman, Jack Winter